Runners… This Is What’s Causing Your Pain—But It’s Not What You Think.

Here’s what most runners don’t know that’s keeping them from running better, longer, faster—and recovering easier.

It’s an itch you never seem to be able to scratch…

You know the one.

That need to go for a run.

Your body craves the adrenaline rush as your mood soars along with those sweet, sweet endorphins that are pumping through you…

Each stride takes you further and further…

Making you feel more and more powerful... and happy... and capable...

But then… it happens:

A slight hitch in your gait as a lightning bolt of pain shoots through your hip…

Maybe it’s your knee that pops and clicks as you feel each step like a jolt of electricity...

Or your back tightens up, slowing you down before you even have a chance to hit that 3 mile marker…

Or perhaps it’s a pulling sensation in your leg or groin causing you to shorten your stride

What you want is to run longer, faster, harder…

But the aches and pains are slowing you down:

  • You struggle to keep up on group runs
  • You pop anti-inflammatories just to be able to get out there
  • You haven’t had a PB in forever
  • You’ve stopped going for long runs
  • And eventually, you start to run less and less and less.

That’s not what you want.

You want that sense of accomplishment you always get after finishing a long, sweaty run…

You want that feeling of being powerful from having used your own two legs to carry you across great lengths of time and space…

You want that mood and confidence boost you get as your body floods with adrenaline and endorphins…

So. How do you overcome the aches and pains that are holding you back?

89.2% of people run in pain because of this.

Are you one of them?

Until you know what muscle adaptive shortening is… you’ll continue to suffer on your run.

Put simply: if you don’t use it—you lose it.

What that means is that your muscles adapt to whatever you use them for.

The biggest thing we do that causes muscle adaptive shortening is sitting.

We sit at work, we sit in the car, we sit on the couch. And all this sitting is causing your muscles to shorten—which impacts how they function when you run.

While sitting might not seem like something that uses your muscles, it actually does. When we sit, it engages our hip muscles. However, it does not engage them to their FULL range of motion. 

By spending so much time in the sitting position, your muscles get used to being engaged only part way and eventually your body feels that shortened position is its normal length, causing that limited range of motion to become your norm.

Scientifically, what has happened is that your muscles have shortened to the length they are being used. Your muscle memory maintains this shortened state, even when you head out for a run.

If you’re suffering from:

❌ Low back pain

❌ Hip or groin pain

❌ Tight hamstrings, quads or hip flexors

❌ Knee pain

... It’s likely because of a hidden muscle you’ve been neglecting.

It’s called the psoas (pronounced so-as) and it’s what enables you to run.

Pretty important right?

The psoas makes up part of your most powerful hip flexor—the one you use every time you move your leg.

Every time you lift your knee, the psoas contracts. When your leg swings back, the psoas lengthens. On an hour-long run, the psoas contracts and lengthens more than 5,000 times! When the psoas is functioning correctly it creates a neutral pelvic alignment which stabilizes the hips and supports your core and lower back.

But when the psoas is affected by Muscle Adaptive Shortening, there are serious consequences for runners, showing up as a pelvic tilt with low back, hip, hamstring, groin and knee pain.

Have you heard of Lower Cross Syndrome?

If you’re running in pain, you probably have it.

How a muscle imbalance in your lower back, pelvis and hip joints is pulling your entire body out of alignment, causing movement problems that lead to pain.

Lower Cross Syndrome is a muscle imbalance that happens because of Adaptive Muscle Shortening—specifically of the psoas in your hip flexors.

Your shortened psoas causes your hip flexors and spinal muscles to tighten. This constant contraction causes the glutes to become weak and stretched because these two muscle groups have opposite functions... 

When the glutes are weak, the hamstrings and back end up overcompensating leading to pain and injury... 

And when the back overcompensates, that means it's contracting more...

Which causes the abs to become weaker since these two muscle groups also have opposite functions.

Think of these muscle groups like a see-saw. On one side are the agonists (the muscles being exercised or worked) and on the other side are the antagonists (the opposing muscles acting in contrast to the agonists.)

When one muscle becomes tight, it’s antagonist will be affected. Essentially, some muscles are stuck in a shortened (tight) position while others are stuck in a lengthened position (which causes them to weaken.)

Fixing lower cross syndrome and overcoming these muscle imbalances will...

✅ Eliminate knee, hip, and lower back pain 

✅ Correct pelvic tilt

✅ Restore a healthy range of motion

✅ Increase efficiency and endurance

✅ Improve your recovery time

✅Let you enjoy running for years to come!

How to run better and recover faster—without wasting your time.

Lower Cross Syndrome… Pelvic Tilt… Adaptive Muscle Shortening…

Your body is a complex system that can be really difficult to understand.

Chances are, even if you didn’t know WHY you were doing it, you realized that increasing your flexibility and range of motion would help with your problems.

You thought stretching for a few minutes before your run is all you needed...

But holding a static stretch for 10 seconds did nothing to address the deeper issue of lengthening your muscles.

So you decided to create a DIY stretching routine…

Which took a fair bit of research…

And still left you wondering if you were doing the right stretches.

You’re not really sure what you’re doing or why…

You have a nagging voice in the back of your head:

“Are these stretches helping me with my SPECIFIC issues as a runner?”

And before you know it a couple days go by…

Then entire months go by where you don’t do ANY stretching at all—landing you right back at square one: with an aching body that holds you back on your run.

And that’s where the Dynamic Runner Method comes in.

Finally, a program specifically created to fix the exact muscle imbalances that cause pain & stiffness in runners.

You’re probably not a physiotherapist. Or an athletic therapist. Or a personal trainer.

But we are. So we understand the complexity behind how the body works and what it needs for you to maximize its performance.

We are also runners.

And, like you, we struggled to make stretching a daily priority. We knew if we did that we would:

Stop being held back by aches, pains and tightness in our back, hip, legs and groin

✅ Be able to lengthen our stride

✅ Activate the hip muscles that give us more power and momentum

Stop getting left behind on group runs

✅ Get back our sense of pride from running longer, farther, and faster

✅ Become more fit with a reduced risk of injury

✅ Recover quicker—and without pain!

✅ Enjoy running again

So we decided to pool all our expertise and create a program that would help keep us accountable and on track. And now, we’re sharing that with you.

Like having a physiotherapist in your pocket 24/7—but a lot less expensive.

The key to fixing muscle imbalances is something we call “The Sequential Method”—which is the order in which each exercise is done.

To lengthen your muscles properly, you need to stretch them in the right order. Concentrating on one muscle before the other can actually make those muscle imbalances worse, rather than better.

Even though you might know many of the stretches in our program, with our guided instructions, created by certified professionals, you never have to worry that:

  • You’re doing them in the wrong order
  • You’re doing them for the wrong amount of time
  • You’re doing too much
  • Or doing too little

Our unique sequential method targets the muscles prone to adaptive shortening for runners—especially the psoas and the muscles involved in lower crossed syndrome—with daily routines to correctly and safely lengthen your muscles.

The fool-proof way to make stretching part of your daily routine—so you can get rid of the pain & tightness that's holding you back.

We take all the unknowns out of your stretching routine—and replace them with a program that will keep you on track.

And it’s all accessible to you 24/7 with easy-to-follow, right-to-the-point routines that track your progress over time—without wasting your time.

It’s as easy as:

  1. Click play
  2. Follow along
  3. You’re done!

Designed for runners. By runners.

Finally, a program focused entirely on the exact muscles runners need to strengthen & lengthen for a pain-free run.


Develops and maintains a healthy range of motion through a combination of static stretches and dynamic movements so your body performs as it is supposed to.

What you get: 

  • A new routine every single day
  • 15-20 minutes each

How to use this program: Simply follow along with each daily video. It tracks your progress so you’ll automatically start at the next video the following day. You can do your daily stretching routine at any time—it makes a great cool down after a run or after any of our strength training sessions.


Corrects muscle imbalances and strengthens supporting & under-worked muscles so you can run pain-free while preventing injury.

Average duration: 25-30 minutes

Includes 4 programs:

  • Beginner (12 workouts)
  • Intermediate (36 workouts)
  • Advanced (36 workouts)


Addresses the most common injuries for runners through a combination of mobility and strength training. Designed to be repeated over time.

Average duration: 15-20 minutes

Includes 4 programs:

  • IT Band Program (7 workout routines)
  • Foot Reset (5 workout routines)
  • Knee & Hip Pain (30 workout routines)
  • Shin Splints (7 workout routines)


Helps you release tension in your muscles and aids in a quicker recovery.

Average Duration Of Each Series: 20 minutes

Includes 2 programs:

  • The Foam Roller Series (9 exercises)
  • The Massage Ball Series (7 exercises)


Become a Dynamic Runner member today and we'll give you access to all 4 programs + EXTRA content.

We’re constantly adding new things to our library. With your membership, you get access to all EXTRA BONUS content, including:

  • Pilates (1 routine)
  • Yoga (9 routines)
  • Pre-run warm-ups (4 routines)
  • Drills (5 drills)
  • + more content added weekly and monthly!

For less than the price of a single visit with a physiotherapist, you’ll get all of this:

  • 436 routines & drills
  • 156+ hours of training/guided content (and growing!)
  • 20 minute average routine length
  • 4 complete programs for stretching, strength, injury & recovery
  • new content added weekly and monthly
  • + ongoing bonus content!

Impressive transitions made by all levels of runners—from weekend warriors to ultramarathoners.

Paul S.

United States
(Member for 4 months)


❌ Hip pain after every run
❌ Clicking knee all the time


✔️ Hip pain is gone
✔️ Speed & endurance has increased



“Simple, but mighty. Everything is easy enough that I actually stick with it, but it also works! I felt like I was slowly grinding to a halt until signing up for this. Now I feel more relaxed and running is not such a slog. My hip pain is gone, my knee no longer clicks and I’m definitely getting faster too!”

- Paul

Jarod F.

(Member for 11 months)


❌ Stiff and sore back
❌ Stopped going for group runs


✔️ Regained flexibility and range of motion
✔️ Doesn’t get left behind on group runs



“I love it. My quality of life has improved because my lower back isn’t bothering me anymore. This program has opened up a lot of areas in my body I had no clue how to stretch. I feel rejuvenated, can last longer, and I actually look forward to my runs again.” 

- Jarod

Jason S.

(Member for 2+ years)


❌ Tight hips & glutes limited length of runs
❌ Couldn’t maintain proper form


✔️ Increased average speed
✔️ Lasts longer & recovers quicker



“These people know what they’re talking about—all I have to do is show up and follow along. It’s been brilliant for keeping me on track with stretching, which has helped me knock an extra 2:27 off my PB. I’m faster, fitter, and just genuinely feel better day-to-day.”

- Jason

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☑️ 283 stretching & mobility routines

☑️ 49 injury & recovery routines

☑️ 3 strength training programs

☑️ 2 roll and release programs

☑️ 5 drills

☑️ 4 pre-run warm ups

☑️ BONUS content added weekly & monthly

If, for any reason, after checking out all this content, you decide you don’t want our team of professionals to guide you back to better mobility & performance, simply cancel your membership before the 7 day free trial is up.

Created By Runners. For Runners.

Meet the Dynamic Runner team:

Meet Stephanie
Certified Athletic Therapist, CAT(C) and Certified Pilates Instructor

Stephanie has a Bachelor in Physical Health and Education as well as a Bachelor in Applied Health Sciences. She's been a certified Athletic therapist for 6 years working with everyone from professional athletes to the elderly. She's also a certified Pilates instructor. Her deep understanding of the body and her ability to clearly explain things is what made her perfect fit for our team. 

Meet Alisha
Certified Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor

Alisha is a Certified Personal Trainer and coach with Dynamic Runner. She works  with athletes in a variety of sports to build functional strength and stability. You'll see her leading you through the strength training routines as well as some of the mobility routines. 

Meet Sarah
Content Director & Weekend Warrior 

Sarah has been running and cycling for as long as she can remember, completing her first full triathlon at age 12. In 2016 she completed her first Ultra Marathon, and experienced the start of a year long knee injury that kept her from running long distance. This helped develop a passion for injury prevention, and she works behind the scenes of Dynamic Runner (she's the one behind the camera)!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Starting immediately after you sign up, you’ll be given access to ALL programming in your membership account. You can access it anytime on any device—your phone, laptop or computer through the Dynamic Runner website or by downloading the Kajabi content manager app. All you have to do is show up, click play, and follow along.

For the Stretching & Mobility Program, you will need:

  • A yoga mat
  • A pole or stick (broomsticks work fine!)
  • A foam roller 
  • A strap (or belt) 
  • A chair

For the Strength Programs, you will need:

  • A yoga mat
  • A yoga block 
  • A resistance band (or something to add tension) 
  • Set of dumbbells (5-15lbs) 

Your membership gives you access to ALL Dynamic Runner Programming. This includes: 

  • Daily Stretching & Mobility Program
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  • Injury Programming
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  • Pre-Run Warm-ups, Drills, Pilates, & Yoga
  • Bonus Content added regularly

There are currently 436 routines & drills for over 156 hours of content! Plus, there is new content added every month so there will always be new routines for you to continue progressing and building on what you’ve already done.

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Dynamic Runner is for you, if...

  • You have lower back pain
  • Your legs, hips, glutes or core are tight
  • You are tired of being held back by a limited range of motion
  • You suffer from knee, hip, or groin pain
  • You don’t have the time or expertise to create effective routines
  • You aren’t sure what to stretch or how to stretch for better performance
  • You need a structured program to hold you accountable
  • You struggle to make stretching part of your daily routine
  • You want to ENJOY running for years to come

Run Pain Free.

Spend less time worrying about what to do—and more time running—using our unique sequential method to boost your speed, strength and endurance.




Daily stretching & mobility routines

20 minute average routine length

4 full programs including: mobility, strength, injury & recovery

156+ hours of training/guided content

✔ Bonus content

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✔ Daily stretching & mobility routines

✔ 20 minute average routine length

✔ 4 full programs including: mobility, strength, injury & recovery

✔ 156+ hours of training/guided content

✔ Bonus content

✔ New routines added regularly

✔ Instant 24/7 access

✔ 100% money-back guarantee

✔ 7 Day FREE Trial

✔ No membership price increases—ever!


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